The Minimalistic Cozy Title Text Website - 0002

Finn Juhl’s partnership with the furniture manufacturer France & Son gave birth to a series of furniture well-suited for industrial production, while staying true to the ideals of simple designs that reigned in the 1950s.

The most famous example of this cooperation is probably the Japan Series from 1957, which consists of an armchair, a footstool, a two-seater sofa and a three-seater sofa. (Official text from

The Minimalistic Cozy Title Text Website - 0002

This (smaller) visualization exhibition focuses on taking the armchair from the above mentioned Japan series and places it in a more contemporary environment. The environment is airy with high ceilings which aims to give a light and relaxed tone to the image which itself has predominantly warmer, yet slightly diluted color tones to it. It is inspired by a certain aesthetic that one might see in some of the more luxurious western California homes.

There are three “main” angles showcasing the armchair in it’s environment, two of which are using a horizontal aspect ratio while the third is using a vertical one. The remaining angles are close ups showcasing the details of the armchair.

The Delightful Simplicity is a personal project designed to serve as a piece that incites a certain type of emotion in the viewer as well as being a marketing showcase for companies looking to either inspire & delight their audiences or to reach new ones.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a peak. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Please note that the usage examples you see below are not to be in any way associated with the original product designer Finn Juhl – The below examples are meant to only serve as a way to demonstrate how these rendered images could potentially be used. Finn Juhl was an outstanding designer and his products (depicted in the rendered images on this page) are presented properly on his website according to his brand identity and marketing specifications.

All of the images below are merely drafts of what could be actual websites and other marketing material.