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Project Goals

Create inspiring content for a furniture brand that is identified by a single color swatch.

No target audiences or delivery formats, just a (tough) goal of creating visual content that represents the essence of the brand.



Pre-Production typically involves a lot of research and back-and-forths with my clients. It is about understanding the brand, the business and the goals.

The culmination of the above results in clearly defined scope of work document and the exploration moodboards that get created in the process.


This is the part where the actual image development happens. It draws heavily from the before established brand identity guidelines, strategy session outcomes and moodboards.

As any piece does, this one too starts with a blank canvas but then goes through one meticulously crafted stage after another until reaching the point of completion where the art aligns with the business goals.

The Deliverables.

The Mood Setter

The mood setter is the opening shot of the presentation. It conveys the tonality and the mood of the images that are to follow and as such it serves as a piece that invokes curiosity in the viewer – On it’s own the Mood Setter shot does not tell the viewer anything about the product or the brand but instead it sparks interest in what is to come.

The Vail is See Through

The purpose of this image is to create an inspirational feeling. It partially gives way into presenting the actual product yet it is still predominantly setting up the actual mood. It is a starring contest between emotional and telling the story.

The Veil Slowly Unfolds

This is the second image that features the actual product yet it presents it in an unusual way – from a top down vantage point. We are gradually transitioning from a purely emotional state to the storytelling one.

The Focal Point

This is the turning point of the story. It is a clear depiction of one the products we are showcasing and it equally combines the art of invoking emotions and storytelling.

The Greeting

The greeting is an over steer into the realm of showcasing the hero of the story. It encompasses it wholly so as to present it objectively to the viewer – It is the main shot that viewers can use for an unbiased reference about the product.

The Showcaser

The showcaser is the culmination of all the shots before it – It invokes emotions and it conveys the product. This is the main shot and the closing chapter of the story as everything is revealed in its fully glory. It aims to faithfully represent the craftsmanship of the products while also leaving a lasting impression in the viewer’s eyes.

The Question?

We’ll let the visitors of this website decide which of the two images makes a bigger impact.

Question Answered.

What I do is I create memorable product showcases that stand out, inspire and delight your potential customers. I aim to help your business succeed.

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